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Wei Lun Hall
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About Wei Lun Hall 

Wei Lun Hall is one of the 13 residential halls HKU provide for their students, accommodating 381 of both local and non-local students in the building, equipped with 125 double rooms and 131 single rooms. Whilst living at Wei Lun Hall, not only can you experience the authentic hall culture and hall life of HKU, moreover build life long and strong friendships along the way, reiterating on our motto of “We begin with people.” We provide various activities for hallmates to participate in that will surely enrich your university life. Below is a brief introduction to your hall life at Wei Lun in the near future. 

Jo (組) 

Jo is a term you'll learn to understand and love upon your entry into university. As you'll be sorted into various groups during your hall orientation camp and led by your joba joma (組爸組媽) and core helpers, your jo will be the starting point to your hall life and the first contact point of your new family at Wei Lun Hall. Throughout the orientation camp, you’ll grow with this group of people and learn more about the hall culture and about various aspects of your upcoming hall life together with the help of currents. Most hallmates will experience their first Jocha (飲早茶) with their groups, this is a very unique culture to HKU, where students go to eat dim sum at an authentic Hong Kong style restaurant at Kennedy Town early in the morning. This is just one of the many activities you’ll do with your jo, but the biggest takeaway from your jo is that this group of people will grow to become some of your best friends in your university life, who will be at your side through thick and thin,  bringing joy and memorable moments to your life at HKU. 

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Floors (樓)

The next unit to your hall life is your floor. At Wei Lun Hall, there are a total of 12 residential floors and each floor has its own unique culture and traditions. You'll be sorted into your own floor by your personality and hence you’ll find yourself having no trouble blending in. Although it will take some take to adjust to your new way of living, your floormates will be yet another family to you, supporting and being there for you along the way. There will be a floor orientation for freshmen on the same floor to bond with their currents, as well as get to know hallmates from different floors during joint floor activities. There is a never ending list of activities you can do with your floor, but you’ll be expecting fun and memorable activities such as Round the Island Cycling (環島), Wei Lun Festival, Singing Contest and Superpass(勁過) just to name a few. Embrace yourself for a  fruitful and enriching hall life upon your entry into Wei Lun Hall!

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At Wei Lun Hall, you can participate in various sports teams such as lacrosse, softball, hockey, handball etc.Most freshmen know nothing about the new ball games when they first enter into Wei Lun Hall, but you’ll be able to pick up on the new ball skills with other fellow freshmen during practices and grow to love the sport together. After each practice, you’ll be have team rice with your teammates at an authentic dessert restaurant located in Kennedy Town. Teams will be an important units in your hall life as this will be a group of people that you'll be standing side by side and working together as a team during practices and  interhall competitions, moreover, become another group of family you’ll belong to. As for cultural teams , we do provide a list of  teams such as dance, choir, drama, bridge and debate etc. Freshmen can choose whatever they want to participate in and excel in the areas they are strong at, providing a platform everyone to unleash their potential and discover new interests, furthermore, build friendship with teammates along the journey of self discovery. 

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Above is just the tip of the iceberg of what Wei Lun Hall can provide, and its only up to you on whether you want to be part of this huge family! To learn more about Wei Lun Hall, please follow closely to our social pages and feel free to ask us questions during the online reg day! Please also feel free to follow our social media pages to keep posted on our newest updates!


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