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Hello everyone! We are the Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society (GGAS) from HKU! Founded in 1955, GGAS has been organizing various activities e.g. field trips, talks, exhibitions, welfare weeks etc. We aim to serve our members, as well as to promote geography, geology and archaeology.

我哋嚟緊會舉辦以「地理新友會」為主題嘅Orientation Series,屆時會有既新奇又好玩嘅網上迎新活動,除咗會有小遊戲,重會同大家分享Reg科資訊,解答大家嘅問題等等。你喺GGAS,除咗可以識到一班warm到爆嘅組爸媽外,重可以識到班一齊上堂嘅朋友仔,咁即使係online learning都唔怕會適應唔到大學生活啦!對geography/ urban governance有興趣嘅你就千其唔好錯過喇,想報名就記得留意我哋Facebook/ IG上嘅最新資訊,到時見!


We will organize an Orientation Series with the theme of “Geographer Crossing” this summer. There will be an innovative and interesting online orientation, which includes mini games, cozy chatting and Q&A sessions. In GGAS, you are going to meet accommodating Exco, as well as making friends with your new classmates. So, you would adapt to HKU-life though we are learning online. If you are interested in geography / urban governance, don’t miss the chance! Stay tuned for our latest information on our Facebook/ IG. See you soon!



Inauguration Ceremony – the beginning of our journey.



Field trips - learning opportunities to enhance your geographer-ship.


港大同學嘅校服係名牌?其實Society Tee同Hoodie都多人著㗎!

Society tees and Society hoodies – the icons of HKU GEOG buddies!

地紙 GeoAddress 


GeoAddress – the student-initiated geography, geology and archaeology press.


Check out the following links for more details of our activities and publications!


GGAS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hkugeography/

GGAS Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ggas_hku/

GGAS Website: https://hkugeography.wixsite.com/ggas

最後祝各位freshmen身體健康、勁過year 1!Online Orientation見!

We wish you all a healthy and fantastic year! See you in the Online Orientation!


Politics and Public Administration Association, SSS, HKUSU &

Sociology Society, SSS, HKUSU



Psychology Society, sSS, HKUSU






如欲了解更多本會的資訊,歡迎追蹤本會Facebook @PsySocSSSHKUSU 以及本會Instagram @hku_psysoc,期待在迎新活動中與各位見面!



Psychology Society SSS HKUSU ("Psychology Society"), founded in 1969, is the first student society to promote psychology.


Psychology Society has always insisted on prioritizing the promotion of psychology. Over the years, we have worked closely with the Department of Psychology of HKU to provide a vast platform for students to learn psychology. For example, we hold talks and publish academic journals frequently. We also promote psychology actively to the general public by organizing various kind of interactive activities.  


This year, our theme of the Orientation series is “Superhero”. Content related to psychology and superhero would be introduced in our Orientation activities. We look forward to seeing you in the coming Orientation activity!


For more information, please visit our Facebook page @ PsySocSSSHKUSU and follow us on Instagram @ hku_psysoc


Social Work and Social Administration Society, SSS, HKUSU



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