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這片天空清澈澄明,有最真摯的人際關係。我們有三大傳統,主動幫堂友按電梯(「幫人㩒Lift」),習慣在平時打開房門(「唔閂房門」)及寫P-hole message 互相關心 (「寫P-hole」)。更有無數或是主動建立或是緣分的人際關係,這片天空連結起三百人,讓他們成為一家人。





Soon after your graduation from high school during the summer, you start the journey in this unfamiliar campus of the University of Hong Kong and hope to change the accustomed and ordinary life you experienced in the past.


While you walk into Simon K. Y. Lee Hall, you step into the vast and limitless sky, flying anywhere you desire.


The sky is clear, and new challenges await you to conquer. In Simon K. Y. Lee Hall, you could experience various sports and cultural teams as well as joining sub-committees. The sky here will definitely allow you to explore freely.


Beneath this blue sky, is our sincere interpersonal relationships and close connections along with the three traditions we uphold. We press the buttons in the lift for hallmates and recognize each other. We leave our doors open and welcome everyone. We also write each other pigeon hole messages to express our care. The countless interpersonal relationships are either actively established or by fate. This blue sky connects the three hundred people and makes us a family, giving the strong bonding of “three hundred people as one family”.


Accompanied by the uneasiness, you are anticipating freedom yet afraid of failing and getting lost. You resemble a nestling hoping to fly with your wings, yet, all you lack is a boundless and unlimited sky.


If you also dream to fly together with us in the center of the campus within the magnificent sky.

舍堂介紹日 Hall Introduction Day 2020

日期:八月十四日至十五日 Aug 14-15

時間:上午十時至下午六時 10:00 – 18:00

地點:陸佑堂 Loke Yew Hall


新生註冊日 Registration Day 2020

日期:八月十八至二十六日 Aug 18-26

時間:上午九時至下午六時 09:00 – 18:00

地點:本部大樓 Main Building


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