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一晃眼,六年中學生活已經成為過去。即將成為大學生的你早已決定,要自己改變,自我成長。住 HALL、拍拖、讀書、Part-time、上莊,你們對這大學五件事應該不會感到陌生。而住HALL對一眾大學新生來說可以說是成就解鎖最快的一件事。








讓我們一同加入馬禮遜堂,體驗溫情與友誼共融的舍堂生活。記得去瀏覽我們的網頁,還要追蹤馬禮遜堂的FB和IG Page!


In a blink of an eye, the six years of secondary school life is now in the past. The decision to become a university student is set in stone, and it is time for you to change and grow. There is a common saying that a freshman needs to accomplish five things in order for them to truly experience university life: studying, living in a hall, working at a part-time job, dating, and becoming part of a student organisation. Living in a hall is the easiest and most enjoyable one to complete.


As a hall, Morrison Hall has taken freshmen under its arms years after years, serving as a second home for them.


Leaving behind the collective and rigid life in secondary schools, you will be stepping into a strange new solitude that comes with university life. You will be going to lectures alone, registering for tutorials alone, working on assignments alone, revising for exams alone. Living in a hall not only shortens the amount of time you need to go to class, it is also a precious opportunity to expand your horizons and your social circle.


Despite the controversial atmosphere surrounding hall life at HKU, Morrison Hall does not believe in that system. There will not be any arrogant seniors or bullying. Instead, there is a band of brothers growing with you, using their experience and setbacks to guide your journey through university. We at Morrison Hall will not force you to participate in any activities, nor we will force you to have a certain level of contribution to the hall. Instead, we have a variety of cultural and sports teams, interest groups, students committees available for you to join. 


Join us, in Morrison Hall, and experience the warmth and brotherhood in our hall life. Remember to visit our website and our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook!


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