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Hornell Hall – the first and only male non-residential hall at HKU. Mysterious and low-profile, it may have slipped the minds of many undergraduates, yet it has firmly established its position as a significant and irreplaceable component of this institute for the past six decades. Upon abandoning the vessel of a physical hall building, Hornell’s spirit has realised its true roots and ascended to the state where "Hornell exists with every Hornellian".

不少人的大學四年,也許從沒聽過這間神秘又低調港大唯一男生非住宿舍堂──康寧堂。 一個甲子的傳承,守護住香港大學青龍位,不易乎名。跳出了「住宿」這個框架,令每一顆回到舍堂的真心,成就了「那裡有康寧人,那裡就有康寧堂的精神」。

Founded in 1953, this hall was named after the late vice-chancellor Mr. William Hornell, while its Chinese name 康寧堂 was nominated by famed sinologist Jao Tsung-I. For the past 65 years, Hornell Hall has been advocating values like compassion, respect and freedom, which enables hallmates to enjoy a memorable, worthwhile and fruitful hall life experience. The hall has always aimed to provide a myriad of activities through adopting hallmate's opinions.  On top of basic annual activities like "open sem rice", rituals to guarantee good GPA as well as high table dinners, Hornell Hall has regularly organised study tours to Japan and Korea aiming to provide exposure to different cultures, available to hallmates at an economical price. The hall has also applied for external football competitions, with the purpose of bringing hallmates together. This year, amidst the pandemic, the Hall will still look to organize various virtual activities, including career talks, bridge workshops and mentorship pairing, so expect a fruitful year at Hornell!


康寧堂成立於1953,取名於己故校長William Hornell,並由故國學大師饒宗頤教授選定康寧堂一字。過去六十五年,康寧堂一直提倡包容、尊重、自由的價值,讓每一位堂友玩得開心,入得有價值,渡過充實的大學生涯。 提供多元化活動與重視堂友意見為舍堂核心之一,除了基本活動如:開sem飯、過三爆四活動、高桌晚宴,過去,康寧堂會定期舉辦遊學團如日本、韓國,並資助同學以相當優惠價錢體驗不同文化,並擴闊堂友眼界;而且,會報名參與出面足球聯賽,增進堂友感情。今年,康寧堂將會籌備更多線上活動,例如職業講座、橋牌訓練和師友配對等,敬請期待!

The Hall has bonded a close connection with Hornell Hall Alumni Association to support hallmates’ various needs. The mentorship programme, one of the highlights in our career support, consists of previous Hornellians, now successful members of society, taking up the role of mentors. They meet up regularly with our hallmates and share their experience, even providing internship opportunities at different corporations. The Alumni Association has also organised multiple activities to care for junior Hornellians. These include career talks, wine tasting, football matches, Chinese New Year group visits and even sponsoring a buffet lunch at the Jockey Club, with a perfect view of horse racing!

So what matters most in Hornell? Leisure without commitments; pleasure without boundaries; enjoyment without regrets! We hope that you, upon joining HKU, will take a further step and experience the unique hall life experience that is – the one and only Hornell Hall.




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