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Business Association BEA HKUSU


Freshmen from BBA, BBA(Acc&Fin), BBA(IS), BBA(Law)&LLB and BBA(IBGM),


Welcome to Business Association BEA HKUSU!


This is a community that will connect you and other BBA students in your next few years in The University of Hong Kong!


Are you thrilled to start the new chapter of your life here?

This summer. Here in HKU.

A whole new journey is ready to begin!


In Detective Game, you are going to meet different characters and uncover the bizarre and intricate story among them!


In Room Escape, you will have to exert yourself to unravel the mystery and escape from the unexplored territory in limited time!


In Campfire, you will dance with the flickering flame and indulge in a jubilant atmosphere with your friends in non-stop upbeat music!


More unforgettable events are waiting for you in this tightly packed 3-day-2-night Orientation Camp!


Business Association BEA HKUSU Orientation Programme 2020 Indulgence in Mirth ––

Come and meet your lifelong friends and create precious memories that will last forever this summer! See you then!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Stay tuned for more updates!

Facebook: Business Association BEA HKUSU

Instagram: hku_ba

Website: http://www.hkuba.hkusu.hku.hk/

Email: hkuba@hku.hk


Economics and Finance Society




Since its establishment in 1940, Economics and Finance Society BEA HKUSU (EFS) has been one of the largest non-profit making organizations in the University of Hong Kong.

Members include students from four different undergraduate programmes, which include Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Economics and Finance, Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking, and Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance. This provides our Society with a huge member base of more than 2000 Members.

Moreover, our Society has a far-reaching history of 80 years, as well as a strong advisory board which provides us with connections with professionals from different field sectors.

Every year, EFS holds a vast variety of Functions and Projects. In January, we have the Inauguration Ceremony. Next, the Budget Talk will be held in March, in which key figures in the society will be invited to discuss the government's Annual Budget. Proceeding into June, we have the Summer Exchange Programme which provides Members the opportunity to travel abroad and broaden their horizons, while the Orientation Series held in August will help freshmen adapt to university life.

We dedicate ourselves to serve the needs of our Members with a sincere and professional attitude, attaining our motto "Commitment to Excellence".


Information Systems Association




Dear BBA(IS) Freshmen,


Welcome to our IS Family!


Information Systems Association,BEA,HKUSU (ISA) gathers all BBA(IS) currents as well as alumni. You will get to know other IS students and we’ll be supporting you throughout your whole university life together and beyond.

Each year, all BBA (IS) freshmen join our Orientation events. It is the best opportunity of the year for you to hang out with your fellow IS students, who will also be your close study companions in every course for the coming 5 years.


Here are some of our events in Orientation series:

- Ice-breaking session

- Detective game

- Games night

- IS academic sharing

More details will be announced on the Registration Day. Stay tuned!

Just contact us if you have any enquiries! See you in our orientation activities!


Facebook: Information Systems Association BEA HKUSU (@hkuisa)

Instagram: hkuisa

Website: http://www.hkuisa.hkusu.hku.hk/

Email: hkuisa@hku.hk


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Email: union@hku.hk

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