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Art Club, HKUSU




作為Art Club會員

你可以享受著Art Studio安靜和諧的氛圍,




Art Club全年活動多種多樣,包括O-day,大型活動Art fair,眾多手工工作坊,油畫課程,以及會員專享的免費Free art buffet等。

詳情可掃QR code參閱今年的Annual Journal,其中介紹了來年重要的活動以及福利!快來加入我們啦!



Do you want to express yourself through painting? Do you want to learn how to make all sorts of delicate handcrafts? Do you want to be part of the art community of HKU? By registering for the membership of Art Club, HKUSU, you can create your own unique artwork in an artistic and harmonious atmosphere at the Art Studio. You can meet great friends who are also passionate about art in our workshops! 


We have a wide variety of activities here in Art Club ranging from O Day to Art Fair to various handcrafted workshops, including a monthly member-inclusive free art buffet. To know more about our workshops, scan the QR code of our Annual Journal. Here, you can find the highlights of this year's workshops and the benefits of becoming a member. Don't hesitate! Come and join us!



Facebook: Art Club, HKUSU (https://www.facebook.com/hkusu.artclub/)

Instagram: artclub_hkusu

Email: artclubhkusu@gmail.com



Film Society, HKUSU




Reg 做 Film Soc 嘅 member,全年獲得全港戲院免費派飛機會、攞 soc product、同埋用至抵價錢參加我哋今年啲活動,識下電影發燒友!有興趣參與微電影製作嘅可黎 join我哋嘅電影製作隊添!
Orientation day
Director's Talk
Trivia Night
Movie Theme Party
Film Production Team
Joint-U Microfilm Contest



Photographic Society, HKUSU



Session 2020-2021 of Photographic Society



The dictionary meaning of Picturesque is attractive. Picturesque is one of the criteria to decide whether photographers take those sceneries, people, materials, or products as subjects of photos. As they are attracted to that physical existence, they put effort into recording and capturing these things down. 

In a narrow sense of the word, one may interpret Picturesque as being attractive in modern standards. However, Picturesque could also refer to what is attractive to individuals. For example, although the Colosseum was damaged, it is still a picturesque construction worth preserving by photographs.

Our members are encouraged to focus on one beautiful thing or concept in a photo, which makes the composition and therefore, the meaning clear. A broad range of activities, such as Studio Photo Taking and Flash Workshop and Street Snap Workshop for Beginners, aim to deliver the most essential and updated knowledge of photo taking, which are used to emphasize one single concept and sublimate a particular emotion. 

Besides teaching, we believe communications and idea exchanges are indispensable for them to expand their horizons and take uniquely picturesque pictures. Therefore, we will hold a Joint U Photo Trip and other events to engage different parties and different photography lovers. Having different themes, our members can take photos of people, pets, stars, and a large variety of subjects. They are expected to grow both in terms of photographic skills and creativity. The definition of picturesque may expand accordingly. 

We, Picturesque, are anticipated to continue the spirit of Photographic Society, HKUSU, which is using our best endeavor to share photographic knowledge and arouse their curiosity about photography.


1.  Aim of the Society

  • The aim of the Society is to promote the art of photography among the students of the University as well as other students.


2.  Aims of the Session 2020 – 2021

  • Provoke the beginners' enthusiasm in photography

  • Improve the photographic techniques of members with advanced skills

  • Strengthen the connections between a diverse range of photographic enthusiasts and gain from one another's experience

  • Express various concerns of life and society 


3.  Objectives of the Session 2020 – 2021

  • Hold festive activities for beginners to teach them basic photographic skills

  • Organize advanced workshops with professionals for experienced photographers

  • Provide various photographic activities to members

  • Invite professionals to share their insights on the relationship between photography and life 


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