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Fine Art Society, A.A.H.K.U.S.U.



Hello, we are Confetti, the 2019-2020 cabinet for Fine Arts Society, Arts Association, Hong Kong University Students' Union. This year has been an eventful one for both you and I, we hope our orientation series can celebrate and welcome the booming of arts students like confetti, which is an indication of embracing the diversity and multicultural atmosphere in HKU. When you start school in September, you will realize that the Department of Fine Arts is renamed as Department of Art History, soon our society will follow suit and rename as Art History Society and we hope to continue our mission to inspire and promote the study of art history on campus. The orientation series is aimed to extend opportunities for communication and better engagement to our members and to promote students' understanding and appreciation towards art.


At the beginning of the new semester, we will be organizing a series of orientation activities to help you know more about the study of art history and our society. The first activity is an online orientation on 20/08, which will be given by our committee members on an online basis. We will be having a presentation on the studying path of art history and different academic opportunities. Afterward, we will be having a Q&A session and please feel free to ask us questions on course selection, academic planning and university life. The orientation session is held on 20/08 as we understand that new students will have many questions regarding course enrollment and overall planning of study, and we are more than happy to help. The second activity will be our highly anticipated Annual Bazaar. The Annual Bazaar, which will kick start in late August online, help to raise fund for our society and gained new meanings of exchange of new ideas about Arts in recent years. We will be selling different kinds of cultural and creative products, such as woven bags, postcards, designed academic calendars with famous artists and artworks. The list of products will be released in mid-August and we accept online order starting from 20/08. We also planned to organize more activities and give out academic and course selection tips on an online basis, please stay tune to our social media channels and mass email for more updates. We hope you are well and staying safe in this uncertain period, we can’t wait to meet you all in our orientation series!


Connect with us:

Email: hkufinearts@gmail.com

Instagram: @hkuarthistory

Facebook: Fine Arts Society, Arts Association, Hong Kong University Students' Union

WeChat: hkuarthistory


French Society, A.A.H.K.U.S.U.


German Association, A.A.H.K.U.S.U.


Instagram: hku_german



For freshman guidance, course materials, school activities, welfare, etc:


About Us


German Association, A.A.H.K.U.S.U was established in the year 1999. Ever since then, we are determined to elicit students’ interest in German language and the flourishing cultures that prevail in German-speaking countries. Simultaneously, we aim to provide welfare and a medium of communication for our members. We sincerely hope that our association can be an agency representing the interests of students who are taking German courses at the University of Hong Kong.


To bring German culture across continents to Hong Kong, we have held events like wine tasting and

Karneval to allow our members to have a taste of German festivity. As for academic activities, the buddies programme bestow students upon the opportunity to interact with German exchange students within Hong Kong. It surely is a fast lane for students to improve their fluency in German!


Upcoming events

The German Association couldn’t wait to indulge you with our events! Remember to mark down the following so that you won’t miss out any of the fun!



GA x HISO  IG Live  明「德」格物

Discussion on German History & Culture

The main theme will be the History and Culture of Germany.  A course introduction about HKU German Programme and Department of History would follow, as well as a Q&A section, lasting for 2 hours.

Date: 19/08/2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

Language: Cantonese

Format: IG Live (No registration required)


GA x Swedsoc IG Live

Introducing German and Swedish language, culture and fun facts of German and Swedish-speaking countries, German and Swedish courses in HKU and our society.

Date: 18/08/2020 (Tuesday) (TBC)

Time: TBC

Language: Cantonese

Format: IG Live (No registration required)


GA O-Day


Providing a chance to know more about the structure of HKU via a school tour. Different games will be played online by Skype. This is a good opportunity to make new friends with each other and understand more about German culture.

Date: 27/08/2020 (Wednesday) (TBC)

Time: TBC

Language: Cantonese

Format: Skype (TBC)

Please fill in the form for registration:




We hope to showcase various charms of German-speaking countries. Please follow our social media and stay tuned to our upcoming functions and we anticipate your participation!


Contact Us

Instagram: hku_german



Facebook: German Association, Arts Association, Hong Kong University Student's Union



History Society A.A.H.K.U.S.U.


Japanese Society, A.A.H.K.U.S.U.


Korean Society, A.A.H.K.U.S.U.


Linguistics Society, AAHKUSU


Music Society, A.A.H.K.U.S.U.

👋🏼 Fm BBs🤩Welcome to HKU!!!😆

咁辛苦入到大學就梗係要玩㗎啦~ 😚如果你仲係音樂人嘅就絕對唔可以錯過我哋Musoc嘅活動啦~~~同樣我地都好歡迎未玩過音樂嘅你加入我地體驗一齊enjoy 音樂 同一齊玩音樂㗎~


Reg day 24/8 我哋都會喺港大Main building 擺booth🎪想知有咩好玩就快d嚟搵我地la~




當中有好多比fm bbs 識friend 玩音樂嘅活動🥰可以同識到志同道合嘅新朋友之餘 仲可以一齊體驗音樂嘅魅力啊😍保證好玩又難忘啊!係咪好吸引呢?想玩就唔好等🤪快啲嚟我哋main building嘅booth報名啦😚偷偷地話你地知~join 埋會員仲可以平d 㗎🤫


🌈迎新營費用:$310(會員), $350(非會員)


👋🏼 freshmen🤩, welcome you all to HKU!!!😆You have overcome a lot of hardship all the way to HKU so it is time to have fun!😚 If you are talented in music, you should not miss our activities! Certainly, if you don’t have much exposure to music, we also welcome you to join us and explore the joy brought by music to our life!

Want to know more about our upcoming activities?


Come and visit us during the Registration Day (24/8)! We are going to have a promotional counter at the main building 🎪 Find us to know more!


Our *Orientation Camp* will be held on *19-20/9* this year🥳


In our orientation camp, we will include activities for you to make new friends as well as enjoy music together!😍 It will certainly be fun and unforgettable!

Way too attractive? Dun hesitate to join us at the booth on the registration day! 🤪

Apply for our Orientation Day during Registration Days at *Main building*!😚 By the way, you will get discounts if you become our members!🤫


🌈Fee for Orientation Camp: $310(for members), $350(for non-members)


Spanish Society, A.A.H.K.U.S.U.

Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world and there are 20 countries declaring Spanish as their official language: Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, and Equatorial Guinea. It manifests diverse and characteristic accents in different places in both Spain and Latin America. Given that language is always the first tool to get to know a culture, you can communicate with local citizens and understand their habits, mindset and behaviors with a common tone.


We are the Spanish Society, Arts Association, Hong Kong University Students’ Union. Since 2013, we have been striving to promote the Hispanic cultures and the Spanish language. The Society is known for its resemblance of the Hispanic laid-back vibes. During Session 2019-2020, we have four executive committee members to execute the daily affairs of the Society: Chairperson Anson Kan, Internal Vice-Chairperson and Welfare Secretary Jessica Chan, External Vice-Chairperson and Program Secretary Jenna Lau as well as General Secretary and Financial Secretary Sylvia Chen. In the coming half year, we will hold an orientation day with the theme of The Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos), a Bazaar, a film appreciation and a wine festival. Join us and have fun!


On the O-Day on 5th September, we will have well-designed games echoing with Día de Muertos. A 19-year-old girl dies in her bedroom without any clues. Her mother, stepfather, young stepbrother, boyfriend and close friend all appear sad and cry a lot for her death, but is it whole truth……


The Day of the Dead is a famous and characteristic festival of Mexico and got more widely spread because of the movie Coco three years ago. Mexicans celebrate this festival from 31st October to 2nd November every year. Traditionally, people set up a private ofrenda with decoration of sugar skulls, Mexican marigold and food that is loved by the dead people when they are alive.  Apart from Mexico, Brazil and Spain also celebrate this festival but in different ways: Brazilians declare the Day of the Dead as a public holiday and they go to cemetery and church to memorize their friends and families who have passed away; parades are held in Spain for celebration and Spanish pray for the dead relatives to seek peace and joy for both people in the world of the dead and the alive. We prepare you with numerous small games as well as an exciting and engaging detective game in the evening. Follow us, put your make-up on and dress yourselves up!!


In October, we have a film appreciation in which you can enjoy some Hispanic food like tacos. You can eat these new and exotic delicacies and share with people surrounding you and hence you make more new friends having the same interest with you!


In November, we prepare you with Wine Festival in which you can drink different kinds of alcoholic drinks and wine which are popular in Hispanic countries. Peru is famous for their wines made by grapes of Albillo, Alicante Bouschet, Grenache, Moscatel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera and Malbec. At the same time, Peruvians use Sauvignon blanc and Torrontes to make white wine. Peru has a favorable climate for the wine making industry, just like Chile. Normally Peru produces wines on the central coast, around Pisco and Ica. Pisco is the national drink of Peru and it is made by distilling fermented grape juice, usually Muscat, in copper pot stills into a high-strength spirit. Moreover, the heart of the wine industry in Peru is in Ica where an arid and sunny coastal climate settles there which helps foster the growth of the grapes. The winemaking process is complicated and takes time. A bottle of wine starts from yields of grapes which will then undergo a series of harvestation, crushing, fermentation, clarification and aging and bottling. It takes two to twenty years for the wine to fermentate to obtain a more complex and better taste. In Hong Kong, especially for teenagers, sparkling wine is usually more popular because of the richness of the taste which is aroused by the excess carbon dioxide.


Hispanic culture has their unique charm and it is going to be so interesting and exciting to you all. If you want to know more, you can access to our Instagram page, Facebook page and our own website, or you can contact us to know more about our societies and upcoming events by email!


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/spansochku

Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/spansochku/?hl=zh-hk

Website: https://spansoc.hkusu.hku.hk/

E-mail address: spansoc@connect.hku.hk


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Email: union@hku.hk

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Instagram: @hkusu_official

Telegram: 港大學生會資訊頻道 HKUSU Info Channel

Twitter: @hkusu_official

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